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Advantages of Blacked Out Windows

Quick:  Tell me why people tint the windows on their cars!  Okay, so I may not be able to hear your response, but I’m going to assume you said something along the lines of, “To help regulate the temperature in their car while also adding a layer of privacy and security.”

You seem smart enough to guess that! It also makes sense if you have this type of windows and knows exactly what it does for you and your car. You wouldn’t want people taking a peek at what is concealed and wouldn’t want to get your garage all heated up by that torching sun right?

So, by that logic, why do people black out / tint the windows on their sectional garage door?  Again, I can’t hear what you say, but I’m going to assume that you answered with the same response you had to the car question.

So, with those advantages, why wouldn’t you have tinted garage door windows?

It does really help but it isn’t necessary, it’s up to you and your preference of course!

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